The Canadian Fund for International Understanding through Culture (Can4Culture) aspires to strengthen global understanding through the shared experience of culture.

Its vision is to bring people together, transcend differences, and promote understanding. Can4Culture programs and projects celebrate connections and cement relationship between the peoples of Canada and China.

Can4Culture’s establishment of the Canada-China Cultural Dialogues that provide a forum for Canadian and Chinese professionals to discuss how culture fosters global citizenship, innovation and learning. The Cultural Dialogues aims to develop and expand practical cooperation and foster people-to-people exchanges in the arts, education and heritage.

This non-profit organization is founded by Dr. Nelly Ng, a full-time family physician who has devoted much of her time to community and volunteer work. Dr. Ng’s extensive volunteer work provided her with an understanding on the building of relationships through culture. Working with committed volunteers and supporters, the Canadian Fund for International Understanding through Culture (Can4Culture) continues to promote understanding through culture.

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