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Founder, former chairman and president of Meng Niu Dairy Corporation; Member of the founding team of Yili Dairy Cooperation; Founder and honorary chairman of Laoniu Foundation; Has won the CCTV ”China Economic Person of the Year”; Named as the “Most Influential Entrepreneur Leaders in China” on five consecutive years; Won the “China Philanthropy Award” twice; Won the philanthropic “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Special Contribution Award”; The current vice chairman of China Charity Alliance; The Executive Director of China Entrepreneur Club; The vice chairman of China Council of The Nature Conservancy;

At the end of 2004, Mr. Niu launched the Laoniu Foundation, the first non-public family foundation in China, which established by personal donations. Meanwhile, he and his family donated all the shares of Meng Niu Dairy they held as well as the majority of their bonus. He is known as the “first stock donor in the world”.

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